Monday, March 29, 2010

#10 UCSB @ #4 BYU

Can I just tell you how much I LOVE home games?! I really like Reed, so it's really nice to have him around all the time. The games this weekend were so fun!

Friday night the Cougars won in 4! Should've won in 3, but hey, we'll take it. Reed had 2 kills, 46 assists, 3 digs, 5 blocks, and set the team to a .319 hitting percentage.

Saturday was so awesome. Once again, they should've taken it in 3, but settled with a 4 set win. But it was a record breaking night for the Cougs. They set a BYU all-time record of 24.5 blocks! Teammate Futi set a new BYU blocking record of 15 blocks! The blocking was crazy good! I get all excited just sitting here remembering the games! haha! Reed had 49 assits, 2 service aces, 8 blocks, and set the team to .377 hitting percentage. He's so good! Go to to see this weekend's highlight video.

And this little Cougar turned 8 months yesterday! He's such a trooper at the games-it's loud and past bedtime, but he does really well. He's a gym rat already!

I just can't get enough of this little face! He also pulled himself up for the first time today!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

#7 USC @ #4 BYU

Oh man-we've had a busy, but awesome weekend! Where to begin?!

This weekend we had Reed's parents and his brother and his family from Arizona here for games. It was so much fun to have so much family around! Evan got to meet his Arizona cousins for the first time. And Grandma Chilton was loving having 3 or her 5 kids and 5 of her 7 grandkids around! It got a little crazy sometimes, but it was so fun.

Speaking of cousins, Evan got a brand new one on my family's side! Little Penny arrived Friday afternoon and we are so excited! We can't wait to meet her!

Then of course there was volleyball! Even though BYU is ranked higher than USC nationally, they are tied in the conference. So it was a big weekend for both teams. Friday night was so intense! Almost all of the 4 games went past 30! They were so close. Good news...BYU won! They should've had it in 3, but we'll take it in 4! Reed played so well! He had 5 kills, 4 blocks, 10 digs and 65 assists! This kid was all over the court! He was doing it all. It was so fun!
On Saturday we had a little birthday party at our house. March is a big birthday month in the Chilton family. It was Reed's Dad's birthday on Saturday, our nephew's birthday is on Monday, and his older brother's (who was MIA working at the BYU bball game in OK) birthday this week! So we filled 4 of those 5 grandkids (sorry Evan!) with sugar and then sent them to the park! Aunt Marie also brought over some liquid nitrogen and we made our own ice cream with it. We throw really great parties!

The Cougars entertained us with that sweep we barely missed Friday night! Reed played so well again. The whole team had a really great weekend. Reed set the team to .394 hitting percentage! So fun!
If you missed the games this weekend, don't be too sad. The Cougars are at home again this weekend taking on UC Santa Barbara. Really, if you've never been to a home game, you're missing out. You should come. It's so much fun!'ll get to see us!
Friday and Saturday at 7 pm in the Smith Fieldhouse

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

BYU @ LBS Active Ankle Tourney

The Cougars were off the Long Beach State this weekend to play in the Active Ankle Tournament. My parents also surprised us last Sunday when they told us they were flying me and Evan down for the tournament! We loved having one less lonely weekend and loved the warm weather. I was so nervous to fly with Evan alone, but he did really well (thank goodness!). Evan had a good time playing with Grandma and Grandpa Jo and his Uncles Ryne and Trae. Unfortunately Evan was busy getting his 3rd tooth and was a little grumpy...poor little guy!

We were lucky Thursday night to be at home when Ryne opened his mission call...he'll be serving in the Billings, Montana mission! He reports to the MTC on June 16. We are so excited for him and couldn't be more proud of him!

Friday night BYU played #9 Penn State. It was a really fun game to watch...and we won in 4! The team played really well and Evan enjoyed seeing his dad.

Saturday night BYU played St. Francis. They are a small school from Pennsylvania. The coaches decided to sit some of the starters and put some of the other guys in. So Reed didn't get to play. The Cougs won in 4. So it was a very good weekend for our team. Reed was able to come home with us Saturday night and then fly out Sunday morning.

This weekend BYU hosts USC at 7pm in the Smith Fieldhouse...come see us!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

#1 Pepperdine at #4 BYU

It's been a while since I last posted...things got a little crazy here for a little bit! Last weekend the team traveled to play at Hawaii. Because of the time difference and all the traveling, this trip is 2 days longer than normal trips. Then there were the tsunami warnings. I was pretty worried for a little while, but thankfully it turned out to not be much. Unfortunately, the Saturday night game was postponed until Monday the trip was extended another 2 days! Believe it or not, no one was happy. The team couldn't enjoy Hawaii because they had to rest for their game. And then to make things worse, they lost.Everyone watching for a tsunami from their balconies.

After being on the road for a month, the Cougars were finally at home this weekend! It's been so nice to have Reed home! My parents and little brother came up to see their first home game (because of all the delays, they beat Reed here!). It was so fun to have them here! Evan loved having other people to play with after spending a week with no one but Mom. Evan was so excited to get his very first Cougar hat!
On Friday, my little sister, her husband, and little girl came down too! Her baby, Bailey, is just about 2.5 months older than Evan, so it was fun to see them together. Evan tried to suck on Bailey's toes and Bailey pushed Evan over. They had a good time together!
Friday night's game was awesome. We had a really good crowd and we won in 4! It was so fun! It was the perfect game for my parents to come to. Reed played really well and had fun doing it! It was one of those games that reminded him why he does this and why he loves it so much.Evan meeting Cosmo for the first time!Evan LOVED playing with cousin James after the games!

Saturday's game was not as fun. We lost in 3. Reed played so well in the 1st game! He had some awesome digs, a crazy pancake, and set really well. Then, for some unknown reason, he got pulled out. That's why we lost. BYU has always beaten Pepperdine when Reed plays. It was a hard loss.But overall, we had a really fun weekend. Reed's parents were also in town for the games, so Evan had grandmas everywhere! It was so fun! Thanks everyone for coming out!