Sunday, March 7, 2010

#1 Pepperdine at #4 BYU

It's been a while since I last posted...things got a little crazy here for a little bit! Last weekend the team traveled to play at Hawaii. Because of the time difference and all the traveling, this trip is 2 days longer than normal trips. Then there were the tsunami warnings. I was pretty worried for a little while, but thankfully it turned out to not be much. Unfortunately, the Saturday night game was postponed until Monday the trip was extended another 2 days! Believe it or not, no one was happy. The team couldn't enjoy Hawaii because they had to rest for their game. And then to make things worse, they lost.Everyone watching for a tsunami from their balconies.

After being on the road for a month, the Cougars were finally at home this weekend! It's been so nice to have Reed home! My parents and little brother came up to see their first home game (because of all the delays, they beat Reed here!). It was so fun to have them here! Evan loved having other people to play with after spending a week with no one but Mom. Evan was so excited to get his very first Cougar hat!
On Friday, my little sister, her husband, and little girl came down too! Her baby, Bailey, is just about 2.5 months older than Evan, so it was fun to see them together. Evan tried to suck on Bailey's toes and Bailey pushed Evan over. They had a good time together!
Friday night's game was awesome. We had a really good crowd and we won in 4! It was so fun! It was the perfect game for my parents to come to. Reed played really well and had fun doing it! It was one of those games that reminded him why he does this and why he loves it so much.Evan meeting Cosmo for the first time!Evan LOVED playing with cousin James after the games!

Saturday's game was not as fun. We lost in 3. Reed played so well in the 1st game! He had some awesome digs, a crazy pancake, and set really well. Then, for some unknown reason, he got pulled out. That's why we lost. BYU has always beaten Pepperdine when Reed plays. It was a hard loss.But overall, we had a really fun weekend. Reed's parents were also in town for the games, so Evan had grandmas everywhere! It was so fun! Thanks everyone for coming out!


Sarah F said...

you look so cute in that picture brittanie! and i love that last picture of evan. i'm glad the tsunami wasn't big enough to put them in danger.

mommaj said...

It was a great weekend for us. We loved being able to see both grandbabies together. Thanks for being such a wonderful host and putting up with the craziness. Love you

Brittany said...

I love how he's just staring at Cosmo! He's adorable.

Kristi said...

That was such a fun weekend! I love the pictures that came from it too! Thanks again for letting us stay with you guys. Oh- and Good job Reed!