Sunday, March 21, 2010

#7 USC @ #4 BYU

Oh man-we've had a busy, but awesome weekend! Where to begin?!

This weekend we had Reed's parents and his brother and his family from Arizona here for games. It was so much fun to have so much family around! Evan got to meet his Arizona cousins for the first time. And Grandma Chilton was loving having 3 or her 5 kids and 5 of her 7 grandkids around! It got a little crazy sometimes, but it was so fun.

Speaking of cousins, Evan got a brand new one on my family's side! Little Penny arrived Friday afternoon and we are so excited! We can't wait to meet her!

Then of course there was volleyball! Even though BYU is ranked higher than USC nationally, they are tied in the conference. So it was a big weekend for both teams. Friday night was so intense! Almost all of the 4 games went past 30! They were so close. Good news...BYU won! They should've had it in 3, but we'll take it in 4! Reed played so well! He had 5 kills, 4 blocks, 10 digs and 65 assists! This kid was all over the court! He was doing it all. It was so fun!
On Saturday we had a little birthday party at our house. March is a big birthday month in the Chilton family. It was Reed's Dad's birthday on Saturday, our nephew's birthday is on Monday, and his older brother's (who was MIA working at the BYU bball game in OK) birthday this week! So we filled 4 of those 5 grandkids (sorry Evan!) with sugar and then sent them to the park! Aunt Marie also brought over some liquid nitrogen and we made our own ice cream with it. We throw really great parties!

The Cougars entertained us with that sweep we barely missed Friday night! Reed played so well again. The whole team had a really great weekend. Reed set the team to .394 hitting percentage! So fun!
If you missed the games this weekend, don't be too sad. The Cougars are at home again this weekend taking on UC Santa Barbara. Really, if you've never been to a home game, you're missing out. You should come. It's so much fun!'ll get to see us!
Friday and Saturday at 7 pm in the Smith Fieldhouse


mommaj said...

Great pictures of Reed. Congrats on an outstanding game(s). Darling picture of Evan as well--does that baby ever take a bad picture?

Kristi said...

Sounds like a great weekend! Reed's stats are crazy! That is so fun! I love the pictures too...