Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sr Night/Graduation/MPSF Playoffs

Such a busy week! Here are some pictures I got from last week's Sr Night to start off.

During the "ceremony"All the Chilton's in attendanceThe Wives' Club and our husbandsOne of the posters we made for Reed. James & Ella did the hand prints and Evan did all the footprints! And apparently the kids are flamingos!
This is the only picture we got on graduation day. It rained all day, so we just took one inside the Smith Fieldhouse. Of course the next day was beautiful, so we headed out to take some more pictures.
The grad with his parents and Evan.And these are probably my two favorite pictures of the weekend. Evan was so cute and happy checking out the flowers!
Saturday night BYU hosted the quarterfinals of the MPSF playoffs. #2 BYU defeated #7 UCLA in an exciting 4 match game! So the Cougars are now off to Stanford to take on #3 CSUN in the semis! Good luck Cougars!


Titensor Family said...

great pics b...that is so exciting and the pictures look great!! Your little boy is darling.

mommaj said...

I wish we could have been there. Looks like you had a good couple of weekends. Evan is very cute in the tulips but the graduation hat thing for him will happen too soon!

Kristi said...

That is all so exciting! Congrats Reed! Doesn't it feel great to be done with the FIRST degree! I wish we could've been there for something but we were definitely thinking of your family this weekend. Evan is too cute in those last few pictures!

EmylovePaul said...

so awesome! Loved your volleyball updates all season long. Best of luck to them! Now that Reed has graduated, you guys so need to move to AZ!! How fun would that be?!

Kareena Watkins said...

Congrats!!! Graduating ROCKS! What's next for the Chilton family?