Monday, April 19, 2010

#3 CSUN @ #2 BYU

So of course our camera didn't work very well this weekend, so I'll have to post pictures as soon as I get them from other people!

This weekend we had our last regular season home games. And they were huge games. The games this weekend would determine our seeding for the conference tournament and where the games are to be held.

Friday night was awesome! Our Cougars swept the Matadors! CSCUM is a pretty dirty team. And we can't stand them-so it felt so good to crush them! And #1 Stanford lost-putting us at the top! With this win we were gaurenteed to host at least the first round of the play offs-so our seniors get to be in town for graduation (Reed needs to go to at least one of our graduations!)! Things were definitely going our way and we were so excited. Saturday was our chance to clinch the #1 spot and get to host the 2nd and 3rd rounds of the tournament as well. And it was senior night. No pressure, right?! The match went 5 long games. It was so intense. I was pretty sure I was going to throw up, have an anxiety attack, and/or drop my baby during the 5th game. Fortunately none of those things happened, but unfortunately stinkin' Northridge got the big win. Dang. The good news was that Pepperdine lost it's game and we have the tie breaker over CSCUM, so we are the 2nd seed. If Stanford loses in the 1st round, we will get to host the last 2 rounds instead of Stanford. Let's keep our fingers crossed!

Like I mentioned earlier, Saturday was also senior night. A win would have been nice, but we just had to remind ourselves that the season isn't over. Me and Evan (and Reed's mom) got flowers and the seniors all got leis, a BYU blanket, and a nice beach volleyball. The announcer read thoughts from Coach Patchell and then read thoughts that the seniors had written. It was a nice little program, but we are sad this night came so fast. We have loved being a part of BYU Men's Volleyball!
One of the biggest highlights of the weekend happened off the court. Reed's parents are awesome and they flew Reed's oldest brother, Todd, in from Chicago for the weekend! Todd has never been to a home game and has only seen Reed play once in his life. Reed didn't know he was coming, so it was a really fun surprise. And because classes are done we were able to spend more time with Reed's family. It was so fun!

The Cougars start play offs this Saturday at 7pm in the Smith Fieldhouse as they host #7 UCLA.


mommaj said...

Love the posters. Sorry we are going to miss yet another graduation. You will be in our minds and our hearts this important weekend.
We have loved being associated with the team and going to the games have been a real blast.

Kristi said...

Sounds like some good games. That's so weird that Senior night already happened! Good luck with graduation!