Thursday, May 16, 2013

Busy May Weekend

The first weekend in May, Reed's little sister, Marie, and her family came to spend the weekend with us. We've missed them so much since we left Utah, so we were so excited to have them come out to see us. We got to meet little Miss Anne-we all just love her! The kids loved having her around and loved playing with her.

On Saturday, we went to the California Science Center.  There was a lot to see and we had a lot of fun. One of the highlights of the visit was getting to see the Endeavor. It was pretty cool.
And the kids loved the big walk through fish tank

 Audrey loved seeing all the fish. And Evan got to touch a few sea creatures. He didn't care for the slimy sea cucumber much.

We made the stop at the museum because we were heading out to UCLA to watch the BYU men's volleyball team take on UC Irvine for the national championship! We were so excited for these guys! We were really glad we could be there for the game.

Unfortunately, the game didn't go our way. It was a tough game and really could have gone either way on any given night. BYU beat UCI twice in the regular season, but they just couldn't get it done the third time. Next year BYU!!!


Kristi said...

You guys know how to stay busy! Evan looks a ton like Reed in that last picture!

marie said...

We loved being there! Anne loved playing with her cousins. We miss you!