Friday, February 22, 2013

Valentines Fun

We had a really fun Valentine's Day this year. I made sure to have a few festive projects for Evan to do leading up to the big day. One nice sunny day we painted hearts with marbles.
The kids decorating heart shaped glasses with hearts. Audrey mostly just threw the little heart stickers all over the room.

 V Day morning I made the kids pink heart pancakes with chocolate chips. Made this guy happy...
 And it looks like Audrey enjoyed them also!
 Audrey thinks she's so funny when she has food hanging out of her mouth...yep, that's my precious little girl!
 After lunch we headed out to enjoy the nice weather and dig up Grandma's flowers.
 And it was a great day for bubbles!

Sure do love all 3 of my cute Valentines!

And here are a few non-Valentines pictures.

Evan and Cougar engaged in a friendly game of Guess Who. Don't worry-Evan won. Cougar should know by now that Evan is always Chief.
 First few attempts at ponytails on Audrey
 We haven't done it since. She doesn't like to sit still and her hair is so fine that the rubber bands don't stay in very long. And she's in that darling mullet stage.


Kristi said...

Looks like a ton of fun! I love Evans glasses! Audrey sure looks cute with the ponytails. Hopefully it gets to be a little easier

mommaj said...

If everyone looked like Audrey with a mullet--they would be back in style-IMMEDIATELY!