Monday, February 4, 2013

It's Been A Long Time...

I know. It's been a really long time. But blogger told me I'd run out of storage space and I was not about to pay for it. I tried a few things to get it to work, but nothing helped. Then I tried it again today and now it works! So here's some of my favorite highlights from the last few months.

Picking out a Christmas tree at Home Depot. And yes my son did wear that Rudolph nose around the whole time.
We visited the LA Temple to see all the Christmas lights
Grandma and Grandpa took the kids to the ward Christmas party while we were out of town for Reed's company holiday part. It was a PJ party. I don't know why they couldn't have chosen a different pair for
Audrey met's so cute when that bottom lip comes out!
Before church on the Sunday before Christmas. And even though Evan's eyes are closed, this is the best one we got!

And a few from Christmas morning

Then it was January. And this big girl turned ONE! 
 She got some fun new toys!
 Getting ready for the birthday song
 Loving her cake!
 Being one sure is fun!

The rest of January was full of sick kids and doctor visits. And now that February is here, we're getting excited for Valentine's Day and Reed's birthday!


alane said...

love your post!! Love Evan's pjs..and Audrey's "happy" face with Santa! Can't believe that she is one! Miss you guys.

mommaj said...

PICTURES!!!! Glad you're back!Can't wait to show the PJ picture to Evan's Junior Prom date! :D

Kristi said...

Im sure Mom has been dieing without recent photos of your kids... They are such cute kids! I need to do a post soon too but itll probably be a while... Oh well! Glad one of us is on top of things!