Tuesday, November 1, 2011


We had such a fun Halloween this year! Evan has been obsessed with all things ghost this year, so that's what his costume was! We were a little worried because he wasn't very interested in wearing his costume, but once he figured out that he got treats when he wore it, he was all for it! And with enough bribing, he even let me put white paint on his face!

Here's our spooky little ghost with mom on our way to the ward Halloween party
 Getting ready to lick the frosting off the cupcake he won at the cupcake walk
 Here's Evan on Halloween night with Rapunzel (she even took her frying pan!) and Harry Potter right before we headed out for Trick or Treating

Evan really enjoyed pumpkin carving this year too. 
 He didn't want to touch the pumpkin guts, so instead he used a spoon and took out each individual seed. 
 We just had Evan paint his pumpkin and then Reed cut out a face later when it was dry

And here's our finished pumpkins!
We hope you all had a spooky Halloween!