Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Worst Day Ever

One year ago today was the worst day ever.
One year ago today my baby was having a hard time breathing and wasn't eating or crying.
One year ago today I took my sweet little 6 day old baby to the ER.
One year ago today they were putting a PICC line into my son's head.
One year ago today my mom was with my perfect little baby while he had a spinal tap because we couldn't stand to be in the room.
One year ago today my mother-in-law was spending her birthday driving to Provo from Washington (a 11-12 hour drive) alone.
One year ago today they wanted to life flight Evan to Primary Children's Hospital in Salt Lake.
One year ago today we found out we could possibly lose our little baby.
One year ago today we found out that if we didn't lose him, he could possibly have some severe mental and physical handicaps.
One year ago today I lost about 10 pounds in tears.
One year ago today my baby was on 4 different antibiotics, a few steroids, blood pressure meds, heart meds, a feeding tube, bili lights, oxygen, and others that I don't remember.
One year ago today we were blessed to see our family and friends rally around our little guy.
One year ago today we were able to exercise the power of the Priesthood like we never have before.
But one year ago today was the worst day ever.
Today is a much better day.
Today Evan is one and going crazy playing with all his new toys.
Today my sweet baby is walking and saying, "mama" and giving his dad high fives.
Today I'm still crying!
Today my mother-in-law is driving to Seattle for some birthday fun (Happy Birthday!)
Today we are counting our many blessings.
Today we are grateful for modern medicine, educated doctors, and caring nurses.
Today we are grateful for friends and family who did so much for us this last year.
Today we are grateful for the Priesthood, for prayers, for the power of fasting, and for faith.
Today we are mostly grateful to have a healthy, happy, perfectly normal one-year-old and for a very loving Heavenly Father.

Today is one of the best days ever.


mommaj said...

Amen! Glad today is sooo much better! Well said!

Titensor Family said...

that was a good post. So sad to read at the beginning but your boy is so healthy now it's a miracle! congrats on the one year that has been much better than that day and not being there anymore!

Brittany said...

Wow, I didn't realize how bad it was! Modern Medicin IS amazing. So glad he ended up ok!

Kareena Watkins said...

I'm crying. Wow. You're amazing. Thanks for coming by last night. It was great to see you and your cute family!

Lisa said...

Oh Brittnie, I remember that well. Jenny was staying with us at the time and she was getting updates from Ryne. It broke my heart. I am so glad he is doing so well now! I can't imagine facing the prospect of losing your baby! What a strong, special little boy he must be to make it through something so horrible! And you guys must be strong parents to come out of such a trial with such grace. I'm so happy today is the best day ever :)

Kristi said...

That was really depressing at first! We're so glad that everything turned out as it did. We just love Evan so much!

Larsen Family said...

Wow Brit! You guys are so strong! He is such a cute little boy!

Alicia said...

We are SO happy for the difference a year can make. Love you guys and are so glad your little man is healthy and happy :)

Emily said...

Love him!

Come see us cuz heaven knows Brandon won't be getting time off anytime soon!

Angie said...

Can't believe that was a whole year ago! What a fighter he is. :)

Erick and Megan said...

Wow, making me cry too. Well said and so glad he is healthy and adorable!