Saturday, February 20, 2010

# 5 BYU @ #13 UCSD

Go Cougars! BYU won Friday night in 4 and Saturday night in 3!

Reed played awesome Friday night. He had a new career high 72 assists (previous high was 65)! He also had an ace, 7 digs, and 2 blocks-one of which was a solo block to win the 2nd set!

He had another good night Saturday night, but the coach switched things up once they had established a good lead and rested Reed.

So what does all of this mean for the Cougs? It means they are currently tied for 1st with Pepperdine in the conference! And we play Pepp at home the 5th and 6th of March (we'll see you all there!). What does that mean for me? My annual volleyball season ulcer will probably double in size that weekend. I can't wait-I love volleyball season!


mommaj said...

Gooooo Cougs. We are so very excited for Reed, he has worked very hard and deserves this fantastic season he is having. As for his ulcer plagued wife, we are so proud of how supportive she is and congratulate Evan on what a good boy he is when dad is away. Love you all!

Michael B said...

Go Cougs!

Sarah F said...

i love how you are such a staunch supporter to your husband and his team! it's awesome.

Kristi said...

Amazing! Good job Reed! We hope to watch you play sometime soon!