Sunday, April 6, 2008

Cougars in Hawaii

Leandro, Reed, Andrew, and J Rob getting ready to snorkel

This was the week BYU played at Hawaii and Reed had a pretty good trip. He got to play Thursday night and they won, but didn't play on Friday because he was feeling sick (but they still somehow won without him). I got to enjoy listening to the games on internet radio from 11-2ish because of the time difference. They flew out Tuesday morning and got back Sunday morning. It was a long, tiring trip. Reed has slept pretty much all day!

Somehow the plane tickets "got messed up" and they had a whole extra day in Hawaii to do whatever they wanted! So Reed and a few of the other guys went snorkeling and parasailing! They got to see some cool tropical fish and got a little sun while doing it. He really enjoyed the parasailing and said their boat driver even dipped them in the water for a minute. He also got the chance to go to Pearl Harbor during the week. They really liked it and wanted to spend more time there, but had to get back for practice.

Reed aiming the machine gun at Pearl Harbor
Reed and J Rob getting ready to parasail!And like any good husband, Reed brought me home some chocolate covered macademia nuts! He also got me a really cute blue and white flowered sun dress! He's getting really good at this husband stuff! Maybe one day I'll get to wear it in Hawaii...

(insert wife here ^^^)

This weekend was also an awesome General Conference. Unfortunately, Reed didn't get to see any of the Saturday sessions. I personally loved the Solemn Assembly. It was so neat to see the General Authorities stand and sustain each other and then to get to do it myself. We are so thankful for President Monson and all our other leaders and for the unwavering structure of the Church.


jay said...

cool bullets shirt dude

Kyle said...

Yeah. I can't believe you still have one of those. Remember the hats we got? And the cardboard pizza we ate before the Bullets game. Man, good times.

Amber and Greg said...

I would LOVE to go to Hawaii someday in my life. I hope it works out for us to go. Brittnie, I totally agree with you about the sustaing thing. That was so neat how they had each individual group of people egt up and sustain the Prophet and Apostles. I did that in my bedroom, and felt the Spirit so strong! There is NO WAY of denying that the church is true. That was a witness to me, that President Monson IS the Prphet today, and that he will lead the Lord's church the best that anyone ever did, well, with the Lord of course.

Jeff and Kandis said...

okay, you totally should have gone. When can you go to Hawaii and only pay for one airline ticket?? Plus, you have a cousin living there. Britt, I am dissapointed but I'm glad he won!