Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Easter!

We hope everyone had a great Easter. Ours was wonderful! We filled baskets for each other and then had Marie over for a yummy ham dinner with fresh strawberry shortcake after church!
Here we are dying our eggs Saturday after a wonderful picnic in the park!

Here's a quick volleyball update:
2 weeks ago BYU played UCLA and Reed played pretty much the whole weekend. Thursday night they pretty easily swept the Bruins (a nice bday present from an out-of-town husband!) and then lost to them in 4 on Friday night.
Last week it was back to California to play Long Beach State, who we were tied with for first place in the conference. Unfortunately, it was a pretty ugly weekend. Swept on Thursday and lost a heart breaker in 4 on Friday. Reed played the 3 (the only game the Cougs won the whole weekend) and 4 games Friday night and did so well.


Shannon & Justin Hutchins said...

It is funny how you find people in this blogging world, tell reed that justin and I are still big fans and think that he is awesome! Good luck this weekend.

Alane said...

Cute kids dying I recognize that apron?? love from WA