Monday, March 10, 2008

Crashing the Waves

So I got in trouble for not having a new post up yet (sorry Kareena!), so here it is!
Although we had a VERY busy weekend, we had a lot of fun. I started a new job on Thursday as a receptionist at Grandview Family Medicine Clinic in Provo and think it's going to be a good one (always a good sign when you hear people yell, "Tell the patient that their urine is very normal!")
Then of course on Friday we had home volleyball games. The #2 Cougars took on the #5 Waves of Pepperdine. Things started off really well, mostly thanks to Pepp's 9 missed serves in game 1. Then a few plays into the 4th game, Brian, the starting setter, rolled his ankle. We were bummed he got hurt, especially since he was playing so well, but were also very excited because Reed got to play! And he played wonderfully! BYU took the match in 4.
Saturday was our big move day and we got our brand new microfiber couch! It was all very exciting. We are loving the new place and will love it even more when we are totally unpacked and the old apt is clean!
Saturday night Reed started in the match against Pepperdine. He played awesome once again and the Cougs were able to sweep the Waves! It's usually the other way around, so it was a big win. And it was the best the team has played all year. They were so fun to watch and it was good to finally see some leadership and heart on the court.
The other highlight of the weekend was having Reed's parents in town. We always love having them around and we REALLY appreciated having the extra help on Saturday. And they took us to lunch at PF Changs-mmmm!


Dean, Andrea, Tanner, Landon, & Braddock said...

Hey Britt, I didn't know you were moving. Where too?? That's exciting!

Rian Krommenhoek said...

Brittnie and Reed Happy Birthdays! So I learned that it was just Reed's birthday from your blog and I know that it is, was, or almost is your birthday because you just got a birthday package in the mail. I hope that doesn't make me a snoop. We are glad that you guys are getting settled in and hope you are happy down there.

Alicia said...


Hey there! Where are you guys living now? We still need to do dessert :)

Hey, I sent an invitation to Brian's senior recital to Reed's email address. I didn't have yours! Feel free to join us if you'd like. My parents are coming, and there's a chance Gma and Gpa might be there.

Love ya!

Kareena Watkins said...

Britt! Good to see you are alive and life is exciting! When are you going to invite me over to a house warming party? Just turn the heat up really high and I'll be over(I am freezing regardless of spring coming, I swear this year I will most definitely wear out my winter wardrobe.)


kat said...

I'm glad you like your new place.. just watch out for the landlords:) I can't remember if we told you, but the exact same thing happened to us when we tried to go to our ward when we moved into that apartment 2 years ago in March. ha ha. Hope you liked the ward today.-Kat

Amber and Greg said...

I am glad you are living in Ri and Sid's basement. Hopefully we can see more of you. You need to let us know when the folks are in town. We haven't seen them in ages, and it would be fun to get together. Let me know if you need any help unpacking. I am at home most the time. I may be pregnant, but I am still a pretty mean unpacker. Dylan could just go upstairs and play with Coy too. Hey when you guys start having kids, you have a built in babysitter! I hope Ri doesn't kill me for saying that. :0)