Monday, September 9, 2013

Big Kid Stuff

Evan has been pretty busy growing up lately! Not sure who told him that was ok, but he's doing it anyways! First up last week we started preschool. We have a group of 4 boys from our ward and us moms just take turns teaching twice a week. It's not Joy School or any kind of 'official' preschool, we just decided what we think the boys need to work on and we teach them! We took the first week. I was pretty close to dishing out the ridiculous amount of money to send Evan to preschool after the first day! It was a little crazy. But I readjusted my plans (and expectations!) the second day and things went much better. I think it's going to be a fun year!

 First day!
Rocket ships are more fun with a buddy!
The crazy class

Evan also started soccer this week! He's been really excited and couldn't wait to get his uniform. Unfortunately it was really hot. And it was obvious Evan wasn't ok with that! The first 20ish minutes is their 'weekly practice'. We are in a big group with some other kids that all do the practice together. Then they split them into smaller groups to play a 3 on 3 'game'. Evan did well, but I think he was pretty overwhelmed with all the people and the heat. He said he had fun and we're excited for another (most likely) warm game next week!
The much anticipated uniform-and it's even his favorite color!
 The supportive sister
 Action shot. Evan is in the blue
Happy to be a soccer kid...and in the air conditioned car!
 Poor Audrey was drenched in sweat! And she didn't even run around at all!

When we got home, we filled the pool and had some otter pops!