Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Sea World!

Reed took a few days off last week and we made our way down to San Diego! And our first stop was Sea World! We were all so excited, but I think Reed may have been the most excited! We saw most of the shows and visited most of the animals and can't wait to go back again!

Checkin' out the sea lions
Dolphin Show! We all really liked it. I was impressed with how much Audrey got into it.
We loved the Shamu Observation Window. We were so close!
 Love Audrey's excited little face! The magic of Shamu!
 Though she does look a little nervous here...
We sat in the splash zone at the Shamu show, but didn't get wet at all. Poor Audrey tried to sleep through most of the show. It was a long day!
Per Reed's request we went to see the dolphins in the morning, around lunch, and right before we left! He loves dolphins. And we even got to touch one! Pretty cool! Evan and Reed played a dolphin carnival game and Evan won Flippy.
Then he went back and won a pink one for his sister!
They were 2 very happy and very tired kids on our way to our hotel that night!
Such a fun day!
Does Audrey look tired or what?!


Kristi said...

So cute! Cant wait to hear more about your trip!

alane said...

looks like a fabulous are blessed!