Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Move

After 7 months of invading my parent's house, we finally moved out last weekend! The whole buying thing wasn't working out for us, so we found a rental out in Riverside that we totally love. It's an older home so it has a little bit of character to it that is really fun, but the owner has done a lot of really nice upgrades (including basically totally re-doing the kitchen and one of the bathrooms!).

Here's our truck out front-no, we don't have enough stuff to fill it. We just filled the first 11 feet of it from top to bottom.
 After removing the first row of stuff
 There's my piano-in one piece!
 Here comes B with the sectional
 And then there was the piano...
I couldn't watch. But Reed and my brothers and Dad got it out without any problems! Hooray! It was impressive to see the 4 of them lift it out of the truck, especially since it's not a low-to-the-ground U-Haul truck.
Empty trucks are so fun to play in!
We didn't see or hear much from Evan all day-he was too busy re discovering all of his toys that had been in storage for 7 months.
Pretty much all the boxes are unpacked, but we've still got a few we just can't seem to let go of yet (Audrey is in there somewhere too)
 And things are finally starting to get back to 'normal' around here!


Dean, Andrea, Tanner, Landon, & Braddock said...

Yay! It's always nice to have your own space again. Glad you're settling in nicely and that your piano's in one piece! ;)

alane said...

congrats on your move! Your Evan cracks me up....saw some pics from the wedding and he is so funny!

mommaj said...

We miss you here but know you need to be there--just glad your there is not as far away from here as your there used to be! Just put a stamp on that box and ship it to me!

Kristi said...

We love your new place! Glad you are almost back to normal. I love that Evan is so excited about all his old toys- you should count it as Christmas or something!

Unknown said...

Such a cute family. Yeah for moving out of your parents house. I am sure I couldn't last more than a week at my parent's!