Sunday, July 29, 2012


As of Saturday, Evan is officially a three year old! We had a really fun weekend celebrating him and his big day. We started off the day with waffles with whip cream and sprinkles. 

The highlight of his weekend was definitely finally getting his new Lightning McQueen bike and helmet. I don't think the kid walked all day-he rode his bike to the bathroom, rode his bike to the fridge-everywhere. He got lots of other fun toys too, but he loves his new bike.

After lunch, a couple of his little buddies came over for cake and ice cream. Since they're still so young, I didn't bother to do games or anything. Just hyped them up on sugar and let them run around.

Don't you watch your favorite movie sitting on your bike with a helmet on?! LOVES his bike.

We finished off our day with dinner at Wendy's and a good friend's wedding reception. It was a really fun day and we were all exhausted at the end.

He's only been three for a couple days, but he's already my very favorite three year old

Sunday, July 15, 2012


Audrey is 6 months crazy. She is so fun and Evan is starting to pick up on it too! They have been really good buds lately and it's been so fun to see. Here's a look at some stats.

Weight: 14 lbs, 12 oz (22%-so relieved it's up from the 8% at 4 months!)
Height: 27 1/4 inches (91%)
Head Circumference: 42 cm (40%)

And for fun, here's Evan's 6 month stats:
Weight: 13 lbs, 15 oz (0%)
Height: 25.2 inches (25%)
Head Circumference: 42 cm

Monday, July 9, 2012

God Bless America!

We LOVE the 4th of July in our house! It's such a fun time of the year with fun things to do and I love the feeling of love and pride for our wonderful country. We had a fun day and made sure to keep up with traditions!

We started off our day up the canyon to take Evan fishing! He actually stay interested in it a lot longer than we thought he would, but we still didn't get any bites.

We came home so Audrey could get her naps in and to cool off with some Otter Pops. And we did a few sparklers. Evan thought they were pretty awesome!

Our All-American girl

Then just like we do every year, we had a yummy BBQ with Reed's nearby siblings and their families followed by the BYU men's soccer game and fireworks! We had a lot of fun!

American flag painted Y
Silly cousins with their glow sticks waiting for the fireworks to start
Audrey sucking on a glow stick during the fireworks-she had no idea that fireworks were even going off!
Happy Birthday America!

Thursday, July 5, 2012


We've been having a warm summer here, so we've been doing our best to stay cool. Here are some of our favorite ways to beat the heat so far this year:

Playing in the hose
Playing in the fountains at Riverwoods
 And a family favorite, visiting Bridal Veil Falls!
So many rocks to throw!
 Rocks to sit on

 The bigger the rock, the better!

 Evan loved walking back and forth across these rocks with Mom

 And we're being sure to stay hydrated!
 And Miss Audrey has mostly just tried to stay in the shade to keep cool
We sure love summer!