Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Frosty & Santa

We got a little bit of snow yesterday and Evan was so eager to get out and play in it! He really likes that snowmen have carrot noses, so we decided to make a little one, just so Evan could give him a carrot nose. So I gathered what little energy I have these days, got us bundled up, and we headed out!

Getting some boogers as he works on his snowman
Evan was so excited to put the nose on and then he was ready to head inside-his snowman reminded him that he wanted a carrot!

Monday night we took Evan to our Rec Center to see Santa Claus! I've taken Evan to see Santa the last few times we've been at the mall this last month and he's loved it! He runs right up to Santa when it's his turn and sits there very quietly (he's only ever said one word to Santa)! He was really excited to go...and then when we got there, he was a little unsure about things. I mean, look at this Santa-wouldn't you be too?!
The one time I can get a free picture of Evan with Santa and this is what I got! But hey, check out Santa's sweet pictures of Mrs. Claus and Rudolph!

28 days to go!!!


mommaj said...

Love the snowman, love that Evan even shared his carrots!

Kristi said...

I'm so impressed with Evan. He loves carrots AND sits on Santa's lap?! That is awesome! We are still waiting for some snow to make our own snow creations. We just hope they are as good as Evans! We can't wait to see you guys again!