Sunday, October 23, 2011


On Friday we took Evan up to Salt Lake's Hogle Zoo. He got really excited to see the animals, but was ready to move on pretty fast. I think he got bored because they really didn't do much.
The elephants seemed to be his favorite. He really liked the baby.
 The tigers were also pretty cool. Nice face, Ev.

 He REALLY loved these tigers
 And he enjoyed the playground
Afterwards we decided to stop at the "This is the Place" park across the street. Reed got some cool pictures.

 Enjoying all the grass to run around on

 Racing Dad
 Pointing out their name
 Evan went and stood in front of this and waited for his picture to be taken
 Then he decided to read off all the letters!
It was such a fun day with such nice weather. We later asked Evan what we had done that day and he couldn't remember. Oh well, Mom and Dad had fun.

Sunday, October 16, 2011


Evan and I go to our ward's play group Wednesday mornings and it's so much fun! This past week was especially fun because we got to go to Pumpkinland! They had a small corn maze, a "light" alley, a few playgrounds, lots of animals, and of course pumpkins!

All the kids, minus a few babies
 The kids loved the baby bunnies!
 Mom & Evan
 Beautiful fall day at the pumpkin patch
 Playing with the boys
 Evan and Diego checking out the ducks
 The "light" alley
 The big pumpkins
We had lots of fun exploring Pumpkinland and playing with friends before Evan got to take his own pumpkin home!

Monday, October 3, 2011

In Between Sessions

In between Saturday General Conference sessions we headed up the canyon to Aspen Grove. The weather was perfect and the trees were beautiful! We ate a quick lunch then took Evan on a few short "hikes". Somehow we made it home with only one rock-amazing!
 Evan taking off
At the "top" 
 Giving Mom and her big belly a break on the log
 Dad and Evan taking the lead on the way back