Sunday, August 14, 2011

Not So Happy Campers

We took Evan camping for the first time this weekend. Let's just say it might be a year or two before that happens again! Everything actually went great except the sleeping part-we all had a pretty long night! But here's a few pictures from when we were still well rested.

2 cougars and a volleyball-Evan is excited and ready to go!
Evan ready to help Dad set up the tent
He really enjoyed playing in the pack and play when we first got there-probably because Cougar wasn't allowed outside
 Roasting a stick while eating a cold hot dog
Overall, it was a pretty good trip. Evan had a couple really good tantrums when we got home (he really didn't want to get out of his car seat?), but got a quick nap and he has recovered really well!

3 comments: said...

I am glad to see that MY love of camping didn't skip a generation! :D I think even I might enjoy camping if Evan is involved. Loved the bit about the hot stick and cold hot dog! He makes me smile

Kristi said...

You are brave to try it out. Glad you were able to still enjoy some of it. Try to not be too upset that you have an excuse to not camp for a while.

Kiley said...

haha not wanting to get out of his car seat? funny kid- he's still so adorable though! can't wait to see your next cute little one!