Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Watch Out Ladies

Evan has been lifting weights at least once a day lately. Who ever thought Reed and I would have a child that loves to work out?! 
And Evan always gets his pull ups in straight out of the tub!

And he's got a great sense of style! Check out those legs...maybe we should get going on the squats...


alane said...

that is the sweetest video!! LOVE IT.

mommaj said...

Oh My!!! He is such a smart little guy--he's got his dad working out too! How you get anything done other than just drool over that little one I will never know!

Kristi said...

So cute! Talk about muscles!

Stubbs said...

I LOVE these videos!
Really funny... I had this video playing, and Jarom in the background said, "Who is that?" Long story short, he thought your voice was mine, and funnier still, he thought Reed's voice was his own!
One day we need to get our little boys together so they can play. So fun that they're only 1 week apart! They do lots of similar things. Jonah likes to pick stuff up and "Crush it!" in a very manly way.
Funny. Hope you are well!