Saturday, May 15, 2010

So Big!

My little Evan has seemed so big lately. Here are some of the big things he's been doing lately.
He is loving all of the new foods he is getting to try and the messes he makes trying to feed himselfmashed potatoes

He really likes being upside down (though this version is highly discouraged!)

Not only is he crawling all over, he is also doing a lot of cruisin' and pulling himself up onto everything

He does take an occassional break to say hi to mom and dad

He likes to pull all of his toys out of the basket-but apparently it's not fun to put them back in

And he loves to ride on his new walker-that is when he's not walking behind it! He'll be walking on his own before we know it!


mommaj said...

Does the boy take a bad picture? Apparently not. I love the stud muffin bib--too funny. I am amazed at how quickly he is growing up. Walkin before you know it!

Michael B said...

Sadie has that same walker but never used it for walking until she already was walking... she would sit on it and the only thing she could do was push herself to go backwards until she hit something then she would need to be adjusted so she could keep pushing her self backwards... wow, kinda wordy, hope that made sense!

Kristi said...

Impressive! Good job Evan! That last picture looks a lot like you Brittnie.

Sarah F said...

what adorable pics! i can't believe how big he's getting already.