Saturday, February 20, 2010

# 5 BYU @ #13 UCSD

Go Cougars! BYU won Friday night in 4 and Saturday night in 3!

Reed played awesome Friday night. He had a new career high 72 assists (previous high was 65)! He also had an ace, 7 digs, and 2 blocks-one of which was a solo block to win the 2nd set!

He had another good night Saturday night, but the coach switched things up once they had established a good lead and rested Reed.

So what does all of this mean for the Cougs? It means they are currently tied for 1st with Pepperdine in the conference! And we play Pepp at home the 5th and 6th of March (we'll see you all there!). What does that mean for me? My annual volleyball season ulcer will probably double in size that weekend. I can't wait-I love volleyball season!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Evan (& BYU) @ UCI

#3 BYU played at #11 UC Irvine this last weekend, which is within an hour of my parents house. So we drove down with one of the other VB wives, Amanda, for the games and stayed with my parents. It was a quick trip, but it was so fun! I couldn't have asked Evan to be any better on the long car drives! He was so good! We were able to enjoy some nice warm weather on Thursday, but had rain on Friday. But we were just happy it wasn't snow, we didn't even really mind it!

Here is Evan while we had lunch at Chipotle
Uncle Trae feeding Evan...I love that Evan is watching him!Hanging out with my Johansson grandparents before the game
Thursday night was crazy. The Cougars won in 5 games. Why do we need to go to 5 games guys? A quick sweep is so much easier...and all the good food places are still open. :)
Here are all of my family members that came...thanks guys...and nice face Trae!
Thankfully we learned how much Evan loves bananas. This kid just goes at 'em! It's pretty cute.We got that quick sweep we were talking about earlier on Friday night. Too bad it was in UCI's favor.
Friday night we brought the husbands back to my parent's house with us. It was so nice to be back together a day early! Thanks mom and dad for housing us-we had a wonderful time!

(I was so busy trying to get the little one to smile that I chopped off my Dad's head...opps!)

Monday, February 1, 2010

No Way

My baby just turned 6 months. Really? Half a year already? Really? I can not believe it! He's getting so big! And he is just so fun. We sure do love him a lot!

#4 BYU @ #6 UCLA

The Cougars traveled to UCLA this past weekend to take on the Bruins. Back at home we had to settle for an audio only broadcast and "live" stats online. I wish we would've been able to watch this one because it was intense! BYU dropped the first set 38-40! It was a long, hard one to lose, especially after having 6 set points. Dang. Unfortunately they lost the next 2 games to give UCLA the sweep. One highlight was Reed's ace!

Saturday night was a battle to the end. But don't worry, the Cougars were victorious in 5! It was a big win for the team. They played so much better Saturday night and came away with what they deserved. Reed played so well and came away with 7 blocks!

Thanks to members of the Wives Club for coming over to watch stats pop up and keep me company! Love you guys!

This picture was taken after a game last year when I was just starting to show with Evan...can you tell?! lol