Monday, January 18, 2010

Pacific @ #5 BYU

This last weekend was the BYU Men's Volleyball team's home opener! I have been so excited for season to start! I was pretty nervous about how Evan would handle all the noise and craziness, but he handled it all very well. The 2nd night he even fell asleep during the first game while sitting on the front row! Evan also had his very first interview! Reed's brother works in the media department, so he told the interviewer guy that my parents really wanted to see Evan on TV. So he came and got us during a timeout and Grandma Jo got what she wanted!

The Cougars played really well. They swept Pacific both nights! And the crowd was so awesome Friday night-they had over 4,000 people there! It was a lot of fun. Reed started both nights and did great. And now, here are the pictures you've all been waiting for...Evan in is jersey!

Giving Dad a few pointers before the game
Cheering on the Cougars with Mom
I love volleyball games!
Our little family after a big win!
For those of you in town, BYU will be playing #3 Stanford at home this Friday and Saturday night at 7pm. For those of you not close by, the games will be broadcasted live on BYU-TV both nights. Should be some good volleyball! Go BYU!


Dean, Andrea, Tanner, Landon, & Braddock said...

Holy Cow Brit that is ADORABLE!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Evan's little jersey! Congrats on the win Reed!

mommaj said...

He is just cute beyond words. Great start for the cougars, Reed was awesome!

Barry said...

Evan is the cutest! I love the jersey on him! We really loved seeing you guys on TV. We were just watching hoping to catch a glimpse and it started off zeroed in on Evan! We'll definitely be watching more games!

Sarah F said...

what a cute sporty family! i love that tiny jersey!

Rian Krommenhoek said...

Evan looks awesome in his jersey! I love it when something finally fits. Congrats on the big win. Wish we could have been there. Only four Saturdays left so hopefully we can squeeze in a game before we go.

Fujitales said...

Hey Brit-
Your mom told us to watch the game last Friday night and we saw you and your darling little guy! He's handling the paparazi like a champ!

Reed did awesome - I love men's volleyball. Dax and I used to catch nearly every game during the season while we were there. We were friends with a couple of the players, and we loved to watch Ryan Millar. That really makes me feel old - he was there a long time ago!

Tell Reed to keep up the good work. We'll keep an eye out for you! Goooooo Cougs!

kat said...

I love the monogramed jersey! I wish we could come see Reed play.