Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A California Thanksgiving

Since we were in Vegas the weekend before Thanksgiving, we decided to just keep going and spend the next week with my family in California. The weather was absolutely wonderful-why did I ever leave that place?! We had a really good time and enjoyed being able to spend Thanksgiving with family.

Grandpa Jo took us to the beach for the first time for a bonfire
Evan and Dad practiced their piano
We played with Grandma Jo...A LOT!
Played with cousin Reg
And of course ate a ton of good food!

This is how Evan looked most of the time on the 9 hour drive home...such a good boy!
We came home and got this lovely Christmas tree-our house smells sooo good!
And Evan turned 4 months!
Here's his stats:
Weight: 13 pounds, 5 ounces (50th %)
Height: 24 inches (75th %)
Head Circumference: 40 cm (25th %)

New Favorite Trick: Sticking out his tongue!


Sarah F said...

wow i can't believe how big he is getting! and how cute!
i'm glad you had a good thanksgiving.

Brittany said...

He's getting so cute!! I love it!

mommaj said...

I love his stats picture. We really ejoyed having you guys here. We had a great time. Hope you are getting a little more sleep!

Jeff and Kandis said...

so fun, what a fun trip and great memories!!He is starting to fill out, love it!

Katie Smith said...

Brittnie! Evan is so cute. I love those last couple pics of him. Looks like you had a fantastic Thanksgiving. I really miss seeing you guys but hope all is going well.

Kristi said...

These pictures are so cute! Evan is such a sweet little boy! I hope Bailey follows his example for our car trip in a few weeks. Oh- and we love Evan's new trick!

Michael B said...

Fun times! Happy Thanksgiving!

Robnz Fam said...

Evan, what a stud muffin. He is so cute. What a great Thanksgiving. Bear Lake was FREEZING! So that's nice you could enjoy the warmth!!