Sunday, December 7, 2008

BYU Volleyball Tournament Recap

Friday, December 5
BYU started off the tournament Friday morning in a scrimmage against UC Irvine. Reed didn't start, so they lost the first game. They were down the 2nd game, so they put Reed in, but it was too late and they dropped that game too. But then they won the 3rd and 4th games. The 5th game was close, but UCI took it and gave BYU the loss. Reed played well and came away with 2 aces and multiple blocks.
Friday night BYU played Southern Alberta Institute of Technology. They were kind of like playing a high school team. So BYU swept them in 3 games. They even started the second game up 13-1! Reed tallied up another 3 aces!

Saturday, December 6
The morning started off with a scrimmage against Utah Valley University. The boys of UVU were talking up a lot of trash and we were hoping for a good game, but they were like playing a Jr college team! BYU swept them in 3 and Reed had another 3 aces!
Saturday night BYU had it's second chance against UCI. It looked like the Cougs were going to take the first game, but a few silly mistakes at the end gave it to the Anteaters. But the Cougars took the next 3 games to win the match! Reed had another 2 aces-he had a good serving weekend! With that win, our boys in blue won the tournament! Way to go Cougs!


mommaj said...

I hope the coach soon sees what is OBVIOUS to everyone else. Reed = victory---duh! Glad to hear he had such a great weekend. Go Cougs!

kat said...

congrats! I wish we could be there to watch again this year!

Amber and Greg said...

I am so glad I was able to be there for the Saturday game! It was fun to have so much family there at once!! Great job Reed! You are an awesome player!!!

Kristi said...

Good job! I agree with mom- put Reed in for some real results!

Natalie said...

Hey Brittnie! I was wondering if I could get your address so Chad and I could send you guys a Christmas card! :) My email is or you could just post it on our blog! Thanks, I'd really appreciate it!

Trent & Tara said...

Hey was nice to find your blog. I love to find more friends with blogs. you have some cute pics. Lets keep in touch ok.