Sunday, February 10, 2008

I Don't Know What to Title This One...

So much has happened since we lasted posted! We had another weekend of volleyball against #6 CSU Northridge. It was so much fun to have my friend Kareena come with me Friday night and Gillian on Saturday night. There were some pretty intense moments but the Cougs pulled through with 2 more wins. They weren't the best wins, but we're glad to hold on to the #1 spot. But even more exciting news is that there wasn't ANY volleyball this weekend! The team had a bye, so I had Reed all to myself! We had such a great weekend going to the temple, shopping, and spending time with some of Reed's mission buddies.

The highlight of the weekend was eating dinner at the temple (Reed has always wanted to try out the cafeteria). We got our food and went to give the cashier our debit card. She quickly told us cash or checks only at the temple. So Reed grabbed what he thought was enough, but we were short about a dollar. So we got an IOU from the temple! It was our first time going into to debt-and it was at the temple! Don't worry, we paid it off before we left, but it was pretty funny.

In other news, last week we put our contract up for sale and sold it within 20 hours! We're moving into Reed's cousin's basement (still in Provo) in the middle of March and we are so excited! So we've been looking at furniture and can't wait to redecorate!

And last week my college diploma came in the mail! Although it was a very exciting moment, it is now sitting in our file cabinet.


Larsen Family said...

sounds like a lot of exciting stuff is happening for you guys! awesome for reed on volleyball. have fun moving. that is also funny about the temple! I wish we were only in debt for a $1 to the temple. School loans for law school stink!

Alane said...

Good place to owe a buck! One of the best places to eat in Atlanta was at the temple! We loved eating there when we went.
Keep up the great blog!

Rian Krommenhoek said...

We can't wait either. It really is a blessing to have family close. Hopefully we don't scare you out of having children one day. Luckily there isn't too much area to worry about decorating. See ya tomorrow.

Lisa said...

Hey Brittnie! Great blog! Joel and I had that happen to us at the temple once. The worst part was that we forgot. We remembered like a month or two later and quickly got it paid for. What a place to owe money to, though! The sheer guilt you have for owing them is way worse than any loan officer sending you letters, huh?

We were thinking about coming to the game on Saturday night. I used to be a huge BYU Men's Volleyball fan and went almost every week (during the Carlos Moreno glory days). Knowing the wife of a player is just what I need to get going again. Maybe we'll see you there!