Wednesday, September 14, 2011


My parents stayed here with us for a few days over the Labor Day weekend. But I don't have any pictures, so we'll just say it was really fun and skip over it for now. Tuesday morning they got up around 4 am to take off to Idaho. And me and Evan went with them. This was really out of character for me. The thing is, I really like Reed. A lot. And I don't like being away from him. But I knew the trip up to Idaho was going to be fast and Reed would be busy at work most of the time anyways. So we packed up and tagged along.

Evan was such a good traveler. Except for the 2 times he got car sick and threw up. Poor little guy. But Dum-Dums fix just about everything!

Our first stop was in Rexberg to pick up my brother Bryant. Evan was really excited to see B. Then we headed for my grandparents house in Arco! It's been a while since I've seen them and it's been even longer since I've been to their house, which was another big reason we decided to take the trip without Reed. And I love everything about that house. It was so fun to see Evan running around their yard enjoying the same things I did as a kid.

 Playing basketball on the grass with Uncle B
 Picking all the crab apples off Grandma's tree
 Throwing rocks in the ditch with Uncle Trae
 Playing with Grandma
 Helping Grandpa mow the lawn...Evan wasn't so sure about this cowboy!
 Enjoying a bonfire
 Roasting hot dogs and making s'mores before lighting off a bunch of Grandma's leftover bottle rockets
 Ev loved putting the pool balls down the gutters and then having Trae get them out for him
 Cowboy country started to rub off on Evan a little
My Grandma has this ceramic cat by her front door that Evan just loved! We would find him sitting over by this thing with his arm around it or giving it kisses or just hanging out with it!
He even helped the cat smell the candles!
 Having fun with Uncle Trae's phone
 Enjoying another Dum-Dum with Mom on our way back to see Dad!
We got to drop off both uncles in Rexberg on the way back so they could start a new school year at BYU-I. It was a fun and quick trip (I think we spent a total of about 25 hours in Arco) and even though we really missed Reed, we're sure glad we went.


Kristi said...

I wish we could have joined you! I love how Evan was with Grandma's cat. What a goof! We miss you guys! We need to find a way to see you again soon!

mommaj said...

The trip was a lot of fun. The weather in Arco was fabulous and the cat WAS a lot of fun! Who knew, a Chilton who likes cats! Thanks for letting us kidnap Britt and Evan, Reed. It was good to see everyone, wish we could have swung around to Reno!

Dean, Andrea, Tanner, Landon, & Braddock said...

Glad you had a fun time even though Reed couldn't come. It's never as fun when you're away from the Hubs!

alane said...

okay, I am soooo coulda stopped in SJ and picked me up too...ha! Love that kitty-never needs to be fed!