Sunday, November 22, 2009

Vegas Trip

This weekend the BYU Men's Volleyball team had their first pre season tournament down in Vegas. Since it's not too long of a drive, Evan and I decided to go! We went and stayed with my brother and his little family (thanks guys!). Evan got to meet his cousin Reggie and they had a lot of fun together.

Friday night Reed's team played Long Beach State and Grand Canyon University. They won both games and Reed played really well. On Saturday they played Long Beach City College and Long Beach State again. And once again they won both games! It was a lot of fun to see Reed play again and of course it's always fun to win!

Evan did really well at the games. He liked to watch for a little while and then he would take nap! We were there for 4 games and he didn't cry once! He must love the gym already! Here are some pictures of Evan with all of his "uncles"
This is Uncle Brandon-he's a real uncleAnd here's how I found Evan sleeping the other day:

Go Cougars!