Sunday, January 25, 2009

Here We Go Again!

Volleyball season officially started this month! I love volleyball season-I don't like the lonely weekends when Reed travels, but I love home games! It's so fun to get to see Reed play (especially because he does it so well!) and I love all the friends that we've made through the team. Home games are definitely the highlight of my weekends!

This weekend the team started conference play against Hawaii. Reed didn't play as much as we had hoped, but he played awesome when he was in. Reed's serving in particular has improved so much from last year! BYU won in 4 on Thursday night and in 3 on Friday night. We love when the team wins in 3 games because then it's still early enough that the good restaurants are still open!

Last weekend BYU played Cal Baptist Thursday night and Lewis Saturday night. BYU easily won the first 2 games against Cal Baptist and we were sure we had this one in the bag. But we didn't. We actually ended up losing in 5 games. It was pretty disappointing. But they came back on Saturday and beat Lewis in 4.

This upcoming weekend the team travels to play at UC Santa Barbara and really should leave with 2 wins. So hopefully they will!


mommaj said...

We have really enjoyed watching the games and are excited to see him play in Santa Barbara. Too bad they don't cart the wives along. Go Cougs

Katie Smith said...

Yes, BYU volleyball rocks! I have always loved going to the games. Too bad I haven't made it yet this season. What the heck?! We're going to have to fix that.

Brittany said...

We loved going to those games. Jason actually enjoyed them as well! I was surprised. Where do you sit?

Rian Krommenhoek said...

Gooooooo Cougars! We are all back on the health upswing and are excited to finally get out of the house and out to a volleyball game.

Dannielle said...

Hi Brittnie! Just found your blog. So exciting that you're pregnant and now I have realized that I really want to go watch some volleyball! take care.